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3D Tyrannosaurus Rex character designed for animation purpose. (full pipeline)

Made for my 3.20min shortfilm. (freework project - entry for the 'Nikon film festival Belgium')



All quad-subdivision model, modelled in 3dsmax.

Textures: 1x diffuse 2048² - 1x Normalmap 2048² (baked in 3dsmax)


Software used 3Dsmax (mr), Roadkill, Photoshop, Zbrush (skin detail).




Wireframe   -   Subdivision model with normalmap baked in 3dsmax, sculpdetail in Zbrush   -   Model with diffuse- & normalmap.





Below Viewport-grab in 3dsmax (Bonesetup - animation rig)




2048² textures : UV-layout, diffuse- and normalmap (baked in 3dsmax).